1375169_671447266206656_1182149306_nPrior to taking out a monthly membership (or paying as a drop-in customer), all new members are required to complete our mandatory On-Ramp Program. It comprises of a mandatory 9 sessions (delivered 3 times a week over a one month period) that emphasis skill development and exposure to the basic movements. It has been designed to help prepare you to enter the main workout group. The workouts at the end of each session will get progressively more challenging as the course progresses.

The On-Ramp course runs every 2 months on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at at 8:00pm. You can book your place on an On-Ramp course at any time, in person at Reebok CrossFit Northern Ireland, by telephone (payment will be taken by credit/debit card) or by the paypal link via this page. Weeks 1 to 3 of On Ramp will teach you the 9 foundational movements as well as a lot of supplementary exercises we use in our workouts. On the 4th week of On Ramp you are given a week’s FREE access to our normal classes. This will help integrate you into our workout community and prepare you for starting your membership for real.

**Complete ALL 9 sessions concurrently and you will receive 50% off your 2nd month’s membership. Complete 7 or 8 sessions concurrently and receive 25% discount off your 2nd month’s membership

*we offer a Fast-Track service for those who cannot make the days or times of the On-Ramp course. Fast-Track is a minimum of 3 personal training sessions at your convenience. Cost: £40 per session (1 hr)

Telephone 02890 233387 if you have any further queries

On-Ramp Cost: £65 includes a £10 Admin Fee is (included in price)

*refunding is only available within 7 days from date of purchase prior to the course start date. Refunds will not be made once a course has started.
You must complete the course in order to qualify for membership.